Ron is the creator of the Home Pro Chef series of cook books and culinary learning tools. He is a professionally trained chef with over 20 years of experience. He's worked in many kitchens and have experience in upscale catering, fine dining, menu development and many styles of cooking. Ron prefers to cook fusion style cuisine and bring in many global elements into his food design.He is the author of the cookbook "The 50 Flavors of Butter", a book of 50 easy compound butter recipes and instructions for meats, seafood, poultry and breads. http://50compoundbutters.com Ron is the Chef owner of a Mexican Fusion Cuisine mobile kitchen called Carvaso's http://carvasos.com .
Ron is available many times throughout the year for cooking lessons and demonstrations. Ron will show you how to take simple ingredients and build layers of flavor to cook flavorful and exciting dishes. He builds his recipe arsenal by utilizing the simplest of ingredients and maximizing their potential flavor. For informative and engaging cooking demonstrations please contact Ron info@ronesteschef.com.
  Ron is also actively engaged in social media chats online and his tweets have been featured in #foodiechats weekly blog.
His food images have been featured in many tweets and posts online and has been featured on iCook.co Ron writes a weekly recipe newsletter called SmashBistro which you can join on ronesteschef.com simply by submitting your name and email address.